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Thursday, 27 January 2011

Tick Toxic

It's been over a week since we last posted a new deck, but fear not adventurers we haven’t been slacking. We’ve got a ton of new ideas coming your way and we’re going to start with our first Mirrodin Besieged deck.... Ladies and Gentleman
We call this one....
Tick Toxic 
because once that timer starts your opponent hasn’t got long.

You will need....

3 Glissa the Traitor
3 Core Prowler
4 Pistus Strike
4 Virulent Wound
4 Inkmoth nexus
4 Swamp
7 Forest

So what’s the plan? Well what we’re going to try with this deck is 4 different plays
at the same time...

one quarter aggro
one quarter removal
one quarter proliferate
one quarter recursion

In an ideal game you would play early aggro from the necropedes, use virulent wound to take out blockers and begin the poison counters.  Later game you’d use the throne and the necropedes to start proliferating the threats downs and counters up.   Corpse Cur and Glissa are there to get your attackers back.

You can use Tangle adder to tie up blockers and Core Prowler to proliferate when he kicks the buckett... 

Sneaky tricks? Well it wouldn’t be a Vader deck without some sideways chicanery... At first glance the inclusion of flight spell bomb may seem a bit mad... There’s only 4 sources of blue mana in the entire deck for a start.  Ok this next bit is important... In magic there are too many statistics and not enough thinking. Ok technically to get the most out of the spell bomb you would want to play it in a blue deck for card advantage and you’ll find a lot of players  read this card as... one colourless and one blue (target creature gains flying until the end of turn, draw a card)... But this isn’t the point... This deck, for reasons that will become obvious in a second, needs a way for creatures to gain flying... full stop... and one colourless mana for that ability is a bargain...  
So why do we want creatures to gain flying? Well two reasons...
 Firstly when combined with Pistus Strike this mini combo will take out anything... from a primeval titan to a Platinum Emperion and more importantly it will also give its controller a poison counter... (stick that in your 2 for 1 pipe and smoke it)
Secondly if we need to, we can give one of our lot flying to get that poison damage through.
And if all else fails it’s still fuel for the Throne of Geth...

Here’s a game v’s Elves...

Tun one they drop a treehugger
Turn one you give it a virulent wound and they get a counter.
Turn two they drop a pair of lanowars
Turn two you drop the pede.
Turn three they get an archdruid
Turn three you drop a clasp and then give the arch druid a wound and one from the clasp they get another counter.
Turn four they drop Ezuri
Turn four you swing with the pede – they chump with a lanowar, both die and you put the counter on Ezuri then proliferate with the clasp. Ezuri dies and they go to 3 poison...
Turn Five they drop a Garruk and make a beast.
Turn Five you drop a spell bomb and give the beast flying and then kill it with a Pistus strike they go to 4 poison.  

I think you can see where this is going....

This is a fun deck that’s quick and cheap... (We’ve given it 4 fetches to make it as competitive as possible, but it will run fine with basics and Glissa is currently going for about $6/7, but we predict her price will rise... If only because she’ll be awesome in EDH/Commander)

As some of these card haven't been released yet we'll have to just show you them rather than use our usual links....

Spoiler Alert... If you don't want to know you may want to look away about now..
For sideboard I'd recommend Duress, memoricide and the like... incase some nutter decides to build a shape anew / coloussus deck...

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