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Monday, 24 January 2011

Farme Fatale EDH / Commander Deck

Today I woke with a 'mead infused' hangover, in a strange maiden’s bedchamber somewhere on  a plane I didn’t recognise . All I can tell you guys is I had the strangest dream. I dreamt that I was at war with all the mages in the world. As the battle raged higher, I realized with horror that not only had I forgotten all my mighty spells of combat, but I had also quite inexplicably become a farmer. Fortunately as I gazed round the ranch I discovered it was no ordinary farm, indeed it was a very special farm and I call it…

Farme Fatale

You will need…

Ok Guys I’m gonna start with the basics… if you’re new to EDH or just mad I think I should get you up to speed on the cards that all EDH decks should have…  Folks can argue till the cows come home (and they are on the way), but this is Gordon Vader list of must have cards inEDH/Commander (feel free to submit your suggestions) Obviously some of these are colour specific, but don’t worry too much about that now.

    Ok these are Gordon Vader’s all time, must have, top five EDH cards…

         Sensei’s Divining Top – Almost impossible to lose, this little cheeky scryer will let you get what you need and can help you draw answers at instant speed. They are getting pricey now, but you can still pick em up for about £4/$7 (Crystal ball is a good low budget version)

      Lightning Greaves – Generals like haste and more importantly they like shroud the 0 equip cost is what seperates these boots from the standard fair…  Whispersilk Cloak will do while you’re saving up.
      Sol Ring / Mana Vault / Mana Crypt – The cheapest of thes,e Mana Vault is still decent but you should try and run at last one of these…
         Tormod’s Crypt – Sometimes you just need graveyard hate and it doesn’t come much better than this, other option  include – Heap Doll and Relic of Progenetus. (in this deck I went for heap doll because a farm needs a scarecrow)
      Oblivion Stone – Board sweepers will keep everyone on your side, they come in various shapes and sizes, but for my money they rarely come stronger than the stone, other options are – Scourglass, Planar Cleansing, All is Dust… White has loads more options here and if you’re playing white you may want to look at Mass Calcify, Final Judgment, Wrath of God, Martial Coup, Day Of Judgment and  the king of EDH sweepers Hallowed Burial…

So there you have my budget top five EDH essentials… there are a hundred other cards I ‘d suggest if you have the money and the time to build a monster, but start cheap and play sneaky is what I always say…

So what’s next?  Well you’ve got your basics and what you need now is a plan… If you look at the post entitled, Farme Fatale update you’ll see a brief rundown of the generals I had to play. Each tdeck was specifically tuned to their general’s clolors and abilities… 


Wort’s deck was mostly instants and sorceries that are horrible when conspired (copied). Fireball/ Comet Storm/Destructive force etc etc.. 

Kemba’s deck was all about equipment and keeping them in play.

Sedris Deck was all  about getting fatties in the graveyard.

Sygg’s deck was basically polymorph and used various tutors and spells to find and protect Proteus Staff and the other half of the deck was about stealing creatures to use as targets. 

My Uril deck was about Farming...

Ok ok I will admit I did put a bit more thought into it than simply having lots of cows, but I did try and find farming related cards that were actually good rather than just about agriculture (I also turned down cards that perhaps could have been better than the ones I picked because they were farm related..) But.. most importantly I did try to utilize my generals awesome ability…

So first I’ll show you the Aura’s

Scourge of the nobilis
Fortitude – (almost as good as totem umbras)
Spider umbra (speak of the devil)
Bear Umbra
Hyena umbra
Elend Umbra
Mammoth Umbra
Boar Umbra
Shiv’s embrace
Lightning Talons
Luminous Wake
Sigil of the nayan gods
Celestial Mantle   (I could barely leave this little cracker behind could I?)

Next up the Two R’s   Ramp and Removal…


Culivate  - (do you see what I did here?)
Rampant Growth -
Harrow -
Winter’s Sky - (poor man’s mana reflection… great when you have a mix of lands, so you can still do stuff on the odd rounds and then ramps like a MOFO on the even ones..)
Carpet of Flowers - (a random one this, I play it because there’s always somebody playing big blue at our Club and this time it was Syyg and that early mana comes in really handy….)
Land Tax – (still on the farm theme)
Reap and Sow  - (get it? get it?)
Khalni Heart Expedition - ( a very very poor man’s Primeval Titan)


Path to Exile
Swords To Ploughshares (yep I got a farm card into my removal)
Crib Swap (technically this is a cow too)
Condemn (if you're in white there's no excuse not to run this card)

Here's The Search
Treefolk Harbinger – (can find me a forest or any of my changelings)
Worldy Tutor – (the cheapest of all the tutors cashwise a least)
Hibernation’s end – (an expensive, but rewarding way to find a lot of cows…)
Into the north – (go get me a highland weald thank you)

Ok so that’s the nuts and bolts but what about the Cows? Well these are all I could find…

Aurochs (how could I not have them)
Bull Aurochs
Rhimebound Aurochs
Aurochs herd
Taurean Mauler
Pillarfield ox
Yoked Ploughbeast
Totem Guide Hartebeast (I decided that these looked like cows and probably made good eating, besides with Uril as my general I needed some aura tutoring,, and then I thought Venison mmmmm….)
Game Trail Changeling – (This and the mauler earlier are cows that are also sheep and pigs and porcupines and fairies and mermaids and avatars and whatever the things are that live inside biscuits… it’s all a bit disconcerting if you ask me…)
Glimmerpoint Stag - (Well, while we’re on the game menu)
Grazing Gladehart – ( I beat this one taste’s really good.)
Brindle Boar – (we’re on to the swine now, A farm’s gotta have some pigs)
Argothian Swine
Realm Razer – ( Dude… it’s so clearly a big pig.... I could totally eat this)
Ok now we’re into the realms of fantasy a little bit and I may have reached here and there a little, but I hope you’ll agree there’s still cow-ish-esque-ness- in here somewhere.

Aura Gnarlid -(With all these auras on the battlefield we need another excuse to use them)
Woolly thoctar – (I got a friend who keeps these, he says the milk's awesome)
Ravenclaw Gargantuan – (Slaughter time for these guys is not for the faint at heart)
Mirror Entity - (It’s a cow… well really it’s just there to turn everything into Aurochs or incase some idiot brings their Sliver deck)
Zodiac  Ox (I am fortunate to have a decent amount of the Portal 3 kingdoms stuff. This is one of my favourite sets, the art is beautiful the cards are random and mad and hardly anyone has any.)
Zodiac Goat (well a good farm needs a Goat)
Zodiac Rooster (One of the few ‘plains walk’ cards in existence, if memory serves me there are under 5 such cards in over 11,000 cards)
Of course there’s one more card that any good farm can’t be without any ideas?
Well also from my Portal 3 Kingdom Set, my last card ishere

I’m not going to bore u with the land other than suggest you do what I did and stick any land of the appropriate colours into the deck and add some basic (and snow basic) land.

You may notice that he usual links that I normally provide aren't working on this post and I want to apoligise for this, but I don't know exactly what went wrong (I'm blaming google gremlins)

but if you want to checl any card just cut and paste it here...

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