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Tuesday, 26 June 2018

The Return of Gordon Vader

Yep... it's true I have been busy on other planes, but I have decided to return to Earth for a spot of R& R and since I'm here I thought I might as well play some magic...

Coming very soon, new decks, new ideas, some videos and something new... Magic as an investment! What the feck is that all about? Find out by staying tuned...

Monday, 10 February 2014

So what are you going to do about the influx of convincing fake Magic The Gathering cards?

Is it time to sell up? or do you hang on to your collection?

Well our advice is to get your collections on line now! just so you have some precedent, if and when you do decide to sell them...

MTG cards for sale on Facebook is a good place to start... you don't need to sell them but you do need to let people know you possess them just in case a massive load of fakes do arrive.

Remember kids Hasbro make no money from the secondary market and are therefore less likely to fight the good fight against the recent rise in counterfeiters from the Far East.

That said it could all just be a storm in a teacup... But! be extra cautious when trading at big events...excersize extreme caution when buying on Auction sites and online stores like Ebay and Amazon...

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Dear Tilda Swinton

Please please stop calling me... Ok I will write another deck list and/or article... So for the love of god please just leave it will ya!

Thats the thing about red heads. Once you break that taboo and let them into your trade folders there's just no way to stop them...

By the way  I am currently recommending the MTG Familar andriod ap because it was mine and Tilda's favourite... I'll post a link when I get back to my proper puter... I am doing all this from the tips of my tippy toe fingers on my Galaxy Note...

Meanwhile here is a picture of a puppy...

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Modern Walls

So this one is long overdue and it’s our first proper modern deck…
The theory is simple, keep them out, and keep them blind until it’s time for the grand finale…
The Wrath of Karn because it ends with a genesis wave….
You will need.

4 –Axebane Guardian

4 – Gate Creeper Vine

4 Over Grown Battlement

4 wall of roots

2 Wall of Tanglecord

2 Mnenomic Wall

4 Mindslaver

4 genesis wave 

1 Emrakul the Eons Torn

1 Ulamog the Infinite Gyre

1 Blightsteel Colossus

2 Karn Libertaed

4 leyline of sanctity

1 elixir of Immortailty

The lands I will leave to you but clearly it needs green and white with a blue splash… and you need at least two Eye of Ugin

So what does it do? Well as you have probably worked out it’s a ramp deck… and the plan is to generate a lot of mana early so you can create ever increasing Genesis waves, ideally for 7, but 6 if you are struggling. What you are looking for is a mindslaver and enough untapped lands to trigger it right away and if possible a Karn… If you do manage to do this then next turn you are probably going to have enough mana to genesis wave into either one of the massive eldrazi fatties or perhaps even enough to tutor and play one. Your win cons are obviously the big dudes and the Karn, but you can also generate an achievable mind slaver lock and use their own decks against them too… This deck can generate an insane amount of mana very quickly a turn 3 or 4 wave for 7 should be easy to achieve and you’ll have those great big walls for defence from the aggro decks.  

The Leylines are essential to this deck and indeed many modern decks they are there to prevent snatches like Inquisition of kozilek and duress which could be crippling to this deck and for the sideboard look for rootborn defences against wrath decks and manor gargoyles for a sneaky aggro twist, oh and wall of reverence for some quick life gain against burn.  You might need defence against the new super o ring…

Thursday, 27 September 2012


Friday, 14 September 2012

Blistercoil weird exclusive first look return to Ravnica spoiler alert

A Return to Ravnica spoiler special for us here today...

We can exclusively reveal a brand new card straight off the press...

 and here it is...

it's a surprsingly potent turn one drop... suitable for Red deck wins and Jonny combo blue decks...