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Monday, 10 February 2014

So what are you going to do about the influx of convincing fake Magic The Gathering cards?

Is it time to sell up? or do you hang on to your collection?

Well our advice is to get your collections on line now! just so you have some precedent, if and when you do decide to sell them...

MTG cards for sale on Facebook is a good place to start... you don't need to sell them but you do need to let people know you possess them just in case a massive load of fakes do arrive.

Remember kids Hasbro make no money from the secondary market and are therefore less likely to fight the good fight against the recent rise in counterfeiters from the Far East.

That said it could all just be a storm in a teacup... But! be extra cautious when trading at big events...excersize extreme caution when buying on Auction sites and online stores like Ebay and Amazon...

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