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Sunday, 9 January 2011

Super Knights

So making Dark Knight,  I wondered what it would be like to do a Standard mono white version with just knights ...I still think that there is room for black and white and that once Mrridon Beseiged comes out that there may a B/W knight powrhouse deck, but if I had to make a mono white knight deck, I'd do it like this...

So Ladies and Gentlemen I give you my new deck and I call it...

Because it's faster than a speeding bullet...

You will need...

4 x student of warfare
4 x caravan escort
4 x kemba's skyguard
4 x knight exemplar
3 x sun titan
3 x time of heroes
4 x ajani goldmane
3 x contagion clasp
3 x journey to nowhere
4 x brave the elements
4 x emeria, the sky ruin
4 x tectonic edge
16 x plains

And here's the list withoutn all the photos....

4 student of warfare
4 caravan escort
4 kemba's skyguard
4 knight exemplar
3 sun titan
3 time of heroes
4 ajani goldmane
3 contagion clasp
3 journey to nowhere
4 brave the elements
4 emeria, the sky ruin
4 tectonic edge
16 plains

The time of heroes in this deck replaces the honor of the pure as the standard weenie boost.  because having just a single counter on your critters will get them a hefty +2+2... And with Time Of  Heroes  in play that means just 2 mana can get either the student or the escort  to the hallowed ground of 4/4 and out of the range of standard burn spells....

Contagion clasp will  help you level them further and at instant speed and it also works as the removal...  The Knight Exemplar  doesn't need any help as you are unlikely to be  swinging n with it and the fliers should sail over the tops of defenders..

Time of heroes helps this deck where it needs most, at the start...

The deck will be very quick due to the 8 one drop knghts ... and like I always say, you need tect edges in today's game to stand a chance against anything..

Sun Titan can retrieve pretty much anything in the deck (incluidng emeria and the tech edges) but probably most imprtantly it cam bring back the exemplars... which could be a nasty surprise late game...

A neat trick here is use the clasps to proliferate both the level counters on the student and caravan escort AND the plus one counters from Ajani...

So why contagion clasp over normal levelling?

Well, remember you have both options, but with the clasps you can do something other level decks can't do!

What's that?

Level at instant speed and this tricksy little move may win you games...

 Here's a play to show you how fast this deck can be..

Turn one - Student
Turn two - caravan escort - swing for 1-  level student
turn three - second student - level escort - swing for 3
Turn four - time of heroes level student twice - swing for 12 -
Turn five - play ajani -level student swing for 18

Now that's just nasty....Of course this is without any resistance,  but it just goes to show how quickly things can add up...

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  1. armored assencion ????? essential !!!!!