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Thursday, 4 November 2010

Tree Fellers New low Budget Deck

Here’s a cheap one and fun too...

I call it...

Tree Fellers

You will need...

As this deck is so cheap why not take advantage of the cheap non basics and throw in some Sunpetal Groves (currently £2.50/$4) and Razorverge Thickets (currently £3/$4.50) and Stirring Wildwood (currently £2.50/£4) Historically speaking, non basics of this calibre probably won’t devalue much more than this and are more likely to increase in value, so go get some and stick it in. Having so much white in the non basics you may only want to play with a couple of plains.. If budget is a problem the deck is still playable with a mixture of plains and forests.

Ok if you’ve played magic before you probably already know what this deck does, but I’ll run you through it anyway.

The object of this deck is to hit your opponent with huge indestructible man lands... The Arbour elves are a deliberate pick over their llanowar cousins, because they can ramp or un-tap attackers to give you a hefty defence.

You’ll want Terra Eternal out as soon as possible and suddenly your land base is looking very strong indeed. Next, you’ll need an Awakener Druid out as soon as you can find one..

Eventually, you can umbra up the Awakener Druid and wrath the board, leaving only your indestructible forests and when the liege appears, pick up the strays and swing with lots and lots of 8/8 tramplers.  

The Acidic Slime will take out threats, Canopy Cover is there to protect the Awakener Druids and obviously Terra Eternal is man of the match, although remember before you wrath...  The 8/8 Liege lands will remain on the field if the Liege dies, but the 4/5 Treeman provided by the Druid will revert to being timber if the Druid goes.  If it all goes wrong use Nature’s Spiral to help pick up the pieces, or get the Umbras back and wrath again.

Just remember that no man is an island... But he could be a forest!

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