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Friday, 5 November 2010

No Myr Mortals New Budget Deck

I mentioned Semblance Anvil earlier in the week, I was convinced there was a deck here and so I set my mind to finding it… It also gave me a chance to sort out two other decks ideas I had been toying with, so in a nutshell, this deck is three decks in one

No Myr Mortals

You will need…

There’s no getting away from it this time, you are going to need non basics… I recommend 2 each of the entire Scars set, they are all about £3/$4:50 each at the moment, give or take.  In addition to that you will certainly need Terramorphic expanse, if you want to be sure of playing anything and whilst the fetch lands are better, they are only slightly better ( An Arid Mesa ain’t going to help at all if you need a swamp)  

This deck is also a little bit pricier than the other decks at the moment, but it does use a lot of cards that are… a) at their lowest price ever and b) are likely to increase in value…

I am talking about the old school planeswalkers of course. I actually started playing as these cards were introduced and I remember the fuss over the fact that Garruk was selling for £20 at one point. Now you can pick them all up for under £7 and one of them in particular is very, very cheap. Hopefully when you see what this deck does this might change, because the cheapest planeswalker is probably the best in standard at the moment. (discounting the Mind sculptor for the moment.)  Yes if this deck goes to plan you’ll be hard pushed to tell me why Chandra Nalaar is currently selling for £4/$6 or less.

So what does it do? And how does it work? Well let me explain, are you sitting comfortably? Good because this may take a while, you really should have asked what it doesn’t do.

The plan heads off in three directions at once, you are trying to imprint both architects and planeswalkers with the anvil, but which you do first will be relevant to circumstance more than anything else. The mana myrs are there for amp and mana fixing and you’ll need to decide in which direction to head based on the draw, but in theory by turn 6 you can, by proliferating,  set off anyone of the planeswaker’s ultimate abilities and possibly even two of them.

You could…

… give an army of Myrs +3+3 and trample  
 …mill twenty cards from your opponent’s deck
…get a 15/15 or higher avatar
…rob your opponent’s graveyard
…or best of all!!! Deal 10 damage to your opponent and all their creatures…

How you play will be up to you and based partly on luck and partly on the situation… The Myr Battlespheres will just keep coming back thanks to the eeservoirs and with the mana myr army and the anvils on play, you’ll always have spare mana to play and power the Contagion Engine.

So win conditions.

1.       Planeswalker’s ultimates or a combination of them…
2.       Myr Battlesphere beatdown it’s just going to keep coming back…
3.       Mana Myr swarming perhaps with Ajani’s counters? Maybe reinforced by liliana’s grave robbing? Perhaps pumped and trampling thanks to Garruk…
The more you play with this deck the more you’ll see the great synergies the old plains walker had together.  Garruk gives Ajani’s Avatar the trample he always lacked, Jace floods the graveyard for Liliana and Chandra?  Well Chandra doesn’t need any help to win games…

A word on planeswalker trading. These cards have been printed a few times and their value is going to differ, so if you sare trading to keep as much value as possible, and the person you are trading with doesn't care... then there are specific editions you'll want to try to get ...

Ajani - aviod M11 and M10 try and get a Lorwyn One
Lilliana - as above, but really avoid alternate art foil duel deck edition as these are worh less than the non foils.
Jace - again as above
Chandra - as above but the foil version is a better pick than the M10/M11
Garruk - As above except there is a kind of holy grail Garruk ( foil XBOX live edition...if your Garruk has a little xbox controller in bold in the centre, go buy yourself a cake you've earned it)

News UPDATE Nov 10th - I have now decided completely on my own and without any rigging from my friiends and readers that Semblence Anvil can readily be replaced in the deck by ANY OTHER CARD IN STANDARD on account of Semblence Anvil being completely pants... I thankyou!

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