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Friday, 12 November 2010

New deck Alert Blue BLack The Fortune Teller

So I’ve gone mad... I don’t know why, but suddenly all I can think about is Blue decks.   I think it was it was the Big Blue Boom Button deck that got me started...
I think a lot and that’s probably why I started this blog... But it dawned on me that the best EDH decks and best causal decks I have played all did the same thing... They all tutored heavily.   Now there are some combo decks around at the moment and this one is no different and no better no worse, but when it works... oh my god when it works... Oh and i decided to make it Blue/Black upon request for a blue black deck from Milenko from Venezuela... And let me say... 

hola a todos los jugadores latinos magia” and I really hope that  translates

Ladies and gentlemen I give you... Blue/Black Uber Control... I call it...

The Fortune Teller

You will need..

2 See Beyond
And a equal mix of swamps and Islands  

Ok so I’ll be the first to say it this is a COMBO deck and therefore it’s going to be hit or miss... It’s a little bit more reliable than the average Combo deck as it will eventually get to the point and there is a good deal of what we used to call scrying in the old days.  

Basically I’ll spare you the nitty-gritty, all you are trying to do here is get Archmage’s Ascension online as fast as possible. So it’s preordain to find a chalice, ramp and lay the ascension as soon as possible ... draw extra cards anyway you can and there’s  load of  ways to do it...

Once you get a counter use Throne of Geth and any artifacts you can to proliferate like mad, until you get it on line. Sac EVERYTHING to get the counters up and don’t forget to draw extra cards and when you’re digging this time, look for voltaic key to un-tap the throne so you can proliferate higher and temple bell to help you draw cards.  

If you’re alive when Archmage’s ascension actually happens, you should be able to turn the game back, because now, you can see the future.

Use temple bell to draw the exact card you need to solve the problems you’re facing, naturally go get a voltaic key first and then un-tap the temple bell.... about to go over to a mindscultor?  go get volition reins...  Need some life? go get consuming vapors... don’t like the look of that baneslayer? Doom blade it,  but not until you have the mimic vat ready and waiting... Or of course you could just cancel it... the other cards are completely up to you, (mine are just suggestions) but what you are looking for is a way to deal with any situation.

How do you win? Well once you’re back on your feet swig in with a Creeping Tar Pit... Oh they forgot about that card (and they will have) boom temple bell for tainted strike... 4 poison counters and you can proliferate it up too... But imagine this... It gets through, it’s late game you’ve been pumping a chalice and maybe some voltaic keys from Gordon Vader’s Patented Portal method?  Which as soon as you have the mana you should go get and thanks to the elixir you could even have played the key early game and even sacked it to the throne to help get the ascension online.  Anyway it’s possible to keep proliferating over and over and even to proliferate your opponent top death in one turn...

Caution peeps ... I’ll be the first to say that this deck is utterly combo based therefore about as reliable as Scottish weather, but sometimes just sometimes it’ll go like a high high-class hooker and with it you’ll wipe the smug smile off some tier-one-net-decker and for the rest of the day you’ll be able to walk on water and heal the sick...*

*Gordon Vader - cannot guarantee that you can walk on water or heal the sick, but he also can’t guarantee that you can’t...


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