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Saturday, 13 November 2010

The Good news about mythics...

Now I do like Magic and I do respect the boys and girls in R&D I mean they must have such a headache making sure that what they do doesn’t break the system. Of course sometimes cards slip through the net that are stupidly overpowered and I can imagine their faces when on Monday morning the boss drags them all into a meeting to ask them exactly what they were thinking when they let Lotus Cobra out of the building.. My point is, they can’t get everything right and its fun when you find one of their gaps.

 Like the first time you realise that Soliton and Heavy Arbalest is an AK47 and Liquimetal coating and revoke existence is a doomsday laser.  There are other gaps too, not everything can be a mythic and they must spend weeks trying to get that right, but would anyone play a Mox opal over a Steel Overseer or an Archdruid or even a Trinket Mage? I played a 12 player draft recently and opened an Opal. I passed it and 12 turns later I got it back. 

The thing is, I do think Mythics have their place. They artificially inflate their own price and thus devalue normal rares. You can pick up a Birds oF Paradise for £4/$6 these days and that has got to be a record and which would you rather have in your deck?  Having said that kids all it will take for Mox Opal to become the most played card in standard is for Wizards to suddenly think it’s a good idea to bring artifact lands back. 

We are at Adventures in the Meta are looking forward to Mirridon Besieged and shall be making some educated guesses and total punts as to what we might see in the new set very soon, feel free to send in your suggestions and watch this space...

Pssssst.... Pentavus

that was a complete punt but if the R%D boys & girls are watching... please bring back pentavus....

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