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Monday, 14 March 2011

no Hidden Agenda

No Hidden Agenda

It’s great when you discover a cool combo or some secret tech for your magic the gathering deck, but your idea can live depending on who plays what in your area. Playing Magic in Brighton I tend to see two different decks.  Variants of blue/white and blue/black control and Goblins.  Well with so many similar decks and having to complete with heavy counter decks and at the same time extremely quick aggro decks there isn’t a lot of room for error. So, this decks unusual for me in that it’s not at all combo based and there is no chicanery at all, infact it’s just exactly what it says on the tin. I call it No Hidden Agenda because that’s exactly what it’s about.

It’s infect its sneaky, but there is no smoke and there are no mirrors  

You will need.

4 plains
4 forest

So what does it do? Well this one’s really really simple you’re trying to get the whispersilk cloak on one of your fatties and it’ll be dead by dawn, the rest of the deck is there to spoil your opponents day and in ways that will seem flippant and maybe even risky at first,  but it will become apparent quickly that the jokes on your opponent.
What am I going on about?
Well life gain to be frank, this deck makes effective use of the fact that you’re trying to win through infect and as such it abuses a few cards that are weighted in your opponents favour for their speed.  Take nature’s claim for example, put simply it’s naturalize, but at a cost, if you want to be able to speed the card up it’s going to cost you a 4 point life swing in a normal deck this is a definite consideration, but in this deck it’s no brainer because you don’t care how much life your opponent as, Oust and Condemn work on the same theory.
Is a midrange deck and what you’re trying to do is get a whispersilk cloak out early game in readiness for the juggernaut or the hydra.   The inkmoths can help you get early damage through and repel the darkness, condemn oust and natures’ claim will help you sort out the other threats. Tangle adder is there for evasion and he makes a decent blocker too.
Planeswalkers will be a pain ,but then they always are. I suggest some adding some fliers to the side board to help with that little problem.

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