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Wednesday, 16 February 2011

I'll let you keep it, but only if I can blow it up later..

We got this one in the post....I beleive from Double Negative? But do write in and clarify if I've got that wrong...

It's a sassy number that's easier on your pocket than it is on your opponent... If it has a message it's very simple...

'I'll let you keep it, but only if I can blow it up later...'

Budge UR Counter Burn. It controls what your opponent plays by being extremely Blue permission based and keeps the board clear using Red burn and sweeps. Jace and Chandra are both alternate win conditions along with budget favorite, Sphinx of Jwar Isle. Here's my list that is up in the wizard forums:

Budget U/R Counter Burn Control




7x Mountain
5x Island

1x Slagstorm

The deck's only really bad matchup is Ramp/Valakut which is why Tunnel Ignus and Spreading Seas are in the deck plus Tectonic Edge. Jace Beleren is the most expensive card in the deck but he's extremely neccessary to give you draw power as well as an answer to the format's most expensive card, Jace the Mindsculptor. The Jace 1.0s are worth it for any budget deck that wants to compete. The only problem this deck has is that because of budget restrictions, it can't afford fetchlands. Add Scalding Tarn ASAP.

PS. I would like to slip 2-3 Narcolepsy into this deck. Great Titan tech on a budget.

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