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Monday, 7 February 2011


We haven't had a fun deck for a while and this is the first (probably of many) versions of our Knowledge Pool decks... And it's so cheap to build it's a steal....
.I call it... 
Here's a very quickly thrown together version...

4 x Knowledge pool
4 x Everflowing chalice
4 x Volition reins
4 x Crystal Ball
3 x Mind control
3 x preordain
3 x steady progress
4 x Leyline of Anticipation
4 x Ornithopter
3 x Shimmer Myr
4 x Halimar depths
4 x celestial Colonnade
14 x island

Its just a draft, but it shows that you could build a deck where the only targets your opponent could get from your side of the kinowlegde pool would be of no use to them and therefore you could steal what ever you liked from them.and you can also steal their other threats direct from their board. The best they are going to get from you is an ornithopter... Yeah they could steal your chalice or a land,  but that's the best they can hope for.... You on the other hand could go nuts...

Its more for fun than anything else, but it's so cheap I reckon everyone should make it and play it and I'd love to hear tales of folks stealing Jaces and riding them to victory...

I might even run a page called "Lets have a look at what you could have won!" where I shall display the best of the knowlege pool Hijacks..

The Leyline and the Shimmer Myr are there so you can immediately anbuse the knowledge pool the turn it ccmes in by playing the ornithopters as instants.....

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