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Friday, 17 December 2010

Whiite Weenie Christmas?

 This one's from regular contributor MAXFAN... What I like most about it is the number of 'sideboard' cards in the main deck... Some folks will tell you that the likes of White Knight and Kor Firewalker don't belong in the main deck because they are colour specific, but those same people seem to forsget that they are both still decent 2 drops and if you happen to be playing Red or Black, you've just given yourself a massive advantage... So I for one applaud MAXFAN'S  innovation and leftfield thinking. Anyways enough from me here's the deck...Gordon Vader....

This is what I currently have going on in Standard.

I love to play white weenie, but I hate the Quest for Argentum Armor deck. It might have something to do with the fact that I once lost six consecutive coin flips attempting to break a Sorcerer's Strongbox. This is the deck I've built to have better consistency. You could play it without the dual lands, but Stirring Wildwood is insanely good and you'd lose a couple sideboard cards. Just be sure to activate the man-land before you cast Brave the Elements or use Ajani.

The goal is to continuously draw two mana creatures that threaten to end the game by themselves or with one other creature in play by making them large with Honor of the Pure and/or Ajani Goldmane. If large is not enough, give the team protection with Brave the Elements for the win.

The Kor Firewalker might look a bit odd mainboard, but it wins free Game 1's. White Knight is good enough as a 2/2 First Striker even if the protection from black never becomes relevant.

Tajuru Preserver and Oust in the sideboard are for the green ramp decks, Leyline for red and black as you'd expect, Revoke for decks packing good artifacts, and more Journey to Nowhere for other random creatures.  Depending how many colorless creatures are running around in your meta, you might change out the Brave the Elements for more Journeys in the maindeck.  Also, if you have Day of Judgments, there are matchups where it should be coming in.

Creatures (26)
4 x Student of Warfare (this card is certifiably nuts, get them!)

Other spells (11)

Lands (23)
8 x Plains

Sideboard (15)
3 x Oust

"Max Fan"

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