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Wednesday, 10 November 2010

New Deck - Mono White - Hard Kor

 I’ve had a good look through the lists and I’ve discovered a bit of a gap. 

There’s a green deck and few red decks a black deck and even a blue deck, but we’re missing a white deck and that’s just not cricket. 

White is my colour of choice, my own standard deck is white and I will get to it eventually, I played it last night at FNM and devastated Blue White control in my first game. At the end of the game, my opponent had six Jaces in his graveyard, four Mind Sculptors and two babies, two Vensers and a Gideon which if my calculations are correct is about £350. It was a hell of a fight, and my opponent did take the next game to force the draw, but it goes to show that with some thought you can consistently beat the ‘top decks’.  I promise I’ll post it soon, but mean while, I did some thinking and I reckon there’s a few solid white decks in standard at the moment, but today I’m presenting my homage to white weenie.  I call it...

Hard Kor.

You will need.

17 Plains

Ok so this deck is pure aggro, the idea is to get the Armament Master out as early in the game as you can, cover him with cheap equipment and then suddenly your little Kor Army will be looking very nasty indeed.

If you can get an axe on the Master and an axe and a collar on the Duellist, you’ll have a 5/5 double strike/death touch/life-linker ready to defend by turn 4 and by turn five he could be swinging for 18 damage easily.

As early in the game a you can, get a shield on the master to take him out of the range of burn and the rest of the game should be yours.  Use the outfitters to flit equipment back and forth to your advantage and to keep your manna open for more attackers.

Use the Hook Master to take out any opposition and the missionaries if you need some life in a hurry. The cartographers serve double purpose in helping you get to Emeria’s ultimate and triggering landfall for the adventuring gear and remember it stacks, so a duellist equipped with two adventuring gears when the cartographer comes in could swing for18 damage alone.  More if you have an equipped Armament Master. Almost every Creature in the deck is a Kor creature with an extra ability so the +2 +2 bonus from the Master will make them very potent indeed.

Once you have the mana, open simply use the Invokers to take out the defence and the game should be yours. Keeping it mono white and playing a high range of plains will help reach your goal of getting Emeria online, and remember once it’s up and running, bringing back a titan will also bring back almost everything in your deck so don’t worry if they get countered or destroyed early on, the graveyard isn’t a bad place for them in this deck. 
The tectonics will take out pesky threats like other tectonics and horrible non basic like Raging Ravine, Celestial Colonade and Valakut.

You’ll have so much fun with the Sun Titans in this deck. Swinging in and before blockers are declared, reanimating an outfitter to put a collar on the Titan, or a hundred different plays. Remember the Titan can also bring back the tectonic edges, so don’t be afraid to use them on your opponents land and if you do get ‘edged’ yourself the Titan can also bring back Emeria.

You can still pick up pre release Sun Titans for under £5, making them officially the cheapest of the five, this can’t last for long so get them now.

Get them here...

So there we have it, our first mono white deck and I think it’s cheap, fun and very playable.

Price wise, the promo titans are the most expensive cards at £5 followed by the Collars at £4, Emeria the Sky Ruin is about £2 and the Armament Master is only £1.

If you wanted to jazz it up a little you could add an Iona or a couple of Stone Forge Mystics and maybe sword of Vengeance/ Body and Mind, but it works well as it is. Any way have fun and please send in your ideas, comments and thoughts.

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