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Thursday, 25 November 2010


 So we've got ourselves some legacy!  This deck idea and indeed article comes from Max Fan and I for one tip my hat to the man... It's all very well making a decent standard deck on a budget, but it takes some deep thinking to make a playable  legacy deck... Mr Maxfan I salute you!

And here it is...

I've been working on this list for Legacy for a while, it doesn't use a card over $12 except the fetches which anyone playing a Legacy tournament should own sets of anyway, and All Is Dust which is not an absolute must and was actually only $6 when I bought it.

Maindeck beats match-ups like Stifle-Naught, Enchantress, hands that are not the absolute fastest from Goblins/Zoo/Merfolk.

Sideboard has cards to win the creature matches, Engineered Plague is awesome, and then anti-combo cards.  It's surprising how many combo decks fold to Dark Ritual into Sadistic Sacrament.

So what's with the All Is Dust?  Well, when a blue deck runs out of counterspells, but has Jace down and keeps bouncing your creature, All Is Dust away Jace and proceed to beat face.

This deck uses creatures as a win con, but it is NOT a beatdown deck, it's really disruption/control.

Against decks where I expect to play the long game, I side in Leyline+Helm of Obedience.  For those unfamiliar with this combo, let me explain.  If you resolve the activated ability from Helm of Obedience with X=1 while Leyline of the Void is in play, you will exile your opponent's entire library.  This works because Leyline's replacement effect exiles the card attempting to go to the graveyard, then Helm checks and sees that no card has yet been put into a graveyard, and repeats the process.

Even Wheel of Sun and Moon isn't effective against this combo, because it only creates an infinite loop if your opponent keeps making the choice to put their card on the bottom of their library.  The rules force them to make the other choice even though it's not in their interest simply because they can to break the loop, so you get to exile their whole library.

I have yet to face a deck where I go "Man, I can't win this matchup" when I sit down in around 25 matches.

Creatures (15)
4 x Gatekeeper of Malakir
4 x Nantuko Shade
4 x Vampire Nighthawk
3 x Tombstalker

Other (23)
4 x Dark Ritual
4 x Duress
4 x Hymn to Tourach
4 x Diabolic Edict
3 x Phyrexian Arena
4 x Nevinyrral's Disk

Lands (22)
4 x Verdant Catacombs
4 x Marsh Flats
2 x Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth
4 x Bojuka Bog
8 x Swamp

Sideboard (15)
1 x All Is Dust
3 x Chalice of the Void
2 x Helm of Obedience
4 x Leyline of the Void
3 x Engineered Plague
1 x Sadistic Sacrament
1 x Extirpate

And there we have it our first budget Legacy deck... I for one can't wait to sleeve this bad boy up and test it out... I hope we'll be hearing more from Maxfan and I just want to say thanks again for sharing your deck ideas...


  1. It is possible to improve this deck with a couple non-budget cards, but I haven't done it yet since I play too many formats. Sinkhole and Wasteland. Replace 2 x Swamp and 2 x fetches with 4 x Wasteland. I haven't figured out which 4 cards come out for Sinkhole yet since I don't have them, but I'll do some testing and get back to you on it. Mana disruption adds another angle to controlling the game.

    Do watch out when using Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth against blue decks packing Threads of Disloyalty. If they steal your Nantuko Shade they can beat you down with it quite well while UToY is in play.

  2. with 1 sadistic sacrament and 1 all is dust, i think it needs a demonic tutor