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Monday, 25 October 2010

The reason this blog exists is fair play...

Its all very well to have all the fetch lands and Jace the bloody Mind Sculptor if you can afford to spend £500/$700 on a deck.

Ok, So there was always red deck wins, but with the arrival of Koth of the Hammer, the man has managed to spoil that avenue too...(Is it just me or does Koth Of The Hammer look like he likes wearing dresses on the Weekend? Not that I'd say it to his face)

Oh Wizards run their Building on a budget section and whislt we applaud it, it can push the value of the cards they highlight back out of budget...

So how do you compete? Well thats why this blog exists we're going to get thinking and get chatting and get innovating and we shall be bringing you the best in top budget builds.  

Because there's nothing more satisfying in the realm of magic than smashing a two grand deck with a handful of commons and some thought...

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