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Friday, 29 October 2010

Deck 3 Toxic Toolbox

Deck 3 – Toxic Toolbox
Ok this one’s another budget beauty... For this deck you will need...
4 Dread Statuary(man-land)
18 lands of any description.   

Because this deck is colourless the mana curve is very shallow. And because of that you could experiment with any of the cheaper non basics in the set. As you can see above, we’ve included the excellent dread statuary which you can pick up for about £0.30 $0.50 each and fits the artifact creature build brilliantly.

Ok here’s the deal, this deck is simplicity itself... 

You use the arbalests with the infect artifacts and use the keys to un-tap them and then do it again, that’s 4 poison each one every turn, because the Arbalests grant their damage ability to the creature, and infect creature will give a player poison counters instead of the damage. The Razor Boomerangs work in the same way and once the poison counters are through, sac the necropedes to the Throne of Geth take out any threats and proliferate your chalices up and your opponent and his fatties to death. Use your Corpse curs to recur the necropedes and do it all again.

The Arbalests will also help you take out threats like planeswalkers and key creatures, which your opponent needs to hold back, like lotus cobras, fauna shamans and the like.

This deck has great synergy, you can also use the voltaic keys to un-tap the thrones to proliferate higher or on the chalices to help you ramp or use them late game on the clasps to proliferate again.

Of course if there’s nothing in your way you can also just swing in with poisonous little beasties...

And once again NOT a single RARE...  

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