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Saturday, 30 October 2010

Another Contribution This time from Mr Hodge... Keep em coming

So, onto low budget decks and here is Joe, or ‘the Hodge’ with my entry.

After Scars was spoilt I looked at what decks I thought would be good, then decided how best to deal with them. It looks like various forms of control with lots of planeswalkers would be strong considering that Jace is a lot harder to deal with without pithing needle or o-ring. Ramp still looked good with the Valakut version staying strong. Once the meta settled down a bit elves came along and proved very strong as well. When thinking about what deck to build for the new standard I aimed that dealing with 3 problems:
1. Jace the (insert various insulting finish)
2. Decks that land a titan turn 4 and avenger turn 5.
3. Aggro swarm decks, predominantly elves and WW quest.

So, looking at those 3 points, 1 word sprung to mind – RED. Red burns walkers, outpaces ramp and can knock down little dudes till the cows come home. With some new additions to choose from, I decided to toss together goblins and see what happened. I ended up with a pretty standard list until I saw two cards, goblin Gaveleer and kuldotha rebirth and made a connection. Equipments are artefacts; they pump Gaveleer and then make goblins with rebirth. Another list was strung together and got some testing, however it seemed a little slow and I did not like sacrificing good equipment to get goblins, which left lots of dead cards. Then in a dream Memnite appeared to me and all problems were solved. No, seriously, I saw this card and it just dropped right in. Temps increase – yes. Turn 1 rebirth – yes. Keeps Gaveleer powered – yes. In the end I put this together and a seriously enjoying it:

4 Teetering peaks

18 mountains

Picture this scenario.
Turn 1 – land, memnite, rebirth for 3 goblins.
Turn 2 – Land, kicked bushwacker, swing for 8.
Turn 3 – Land, chieften – swing for 10.
Turn 4- Assume that some damage earlier got prevented, but hey, you still have a guide/bolt/spieshot elder in hand.
This may seem like a god hand, but enough people who have played this deck will testify that, uncontrolled it can often have you turn 4, 5 if something got removed /blocked. I would seriously advise people who are looking for a £30, fun, quick deck that works well in the current meta to sleeve this up, have a play and have some fun.

Solid Deck Mr Hodge and without the need for the doublsstriking Instigator.. It's brutal quick and I bet it wins a lot of game... 

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  1. looks a lot like my red deck
    check it out